Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I ask for prayer? You may ask using our contact page or e-mailing prayer@heavenbound.net
  2. How do I provide a praise report? Same as requesting prayer, you may use our contact page or e-mail us at prayer@heavenbound.net
  3. Can I join the prayer team? We welcome new members however you must have your pastor provide you a written recommendation that you must scan or take a picture of it and attach it to an e-mail with your request to join. We welcome any ministers to join our team. Ministers should provide their title and name of church with their request.
  4. I submitted the information needed to join and have not heard back? We do not accept everyone however we strive to respond to everyone within 7 days with a decision.
  5. Can I get an e-mail address if I join the team? We are not offering e-mails to the general public however team members may request an e-mail for a small $5 a year gift.
  6. I am not a team member but I want an e-mail? We do not offer e-mails to the general public however in some instances we may provide an e-mail address to individuals on a case by case basis. A $10 per year gift is required in these cases.
  7. I want an e-mail however do not wish to pay? We will offer a free e-mail to team members that have been with us for over 10 years. Other’s may receive one solely at the discretion of the admin team. Team members may get a free e-mail early at the sole discretion of the admin team.
  8. Will my information be shared? We do not share information about those we pray for or team members. Anything sent to us using our contact form or by e-mail will never be sold or shared except as required by law. We share prayer requests on our site for the public to pray for however will never post private requests or requests in which you specify to remain anonymous.
  9. What do I need to submit to be prayed for? We ask for your name, phone, e-mail, city, state, and the thing you need prayer for.
  10. What do I need to submit to join the team? We will need your name, phone, e-mail, city, state, church name, position in church if any, recommendation from pastor if available.
  11. What if I do not want to share my information with the prayer team and want prayer? Please include the information in your request and specify you want the prayer team not to have your personal information or what information specifically you want to be kept private.
  12. I want someone to pray for me either on the phone or in person? We welcome such requests. Let us know and we will see if we can have a local pastor come pray with you or call you and pray.

Have a question not listed above? Send us an e-mail at prayer@heavenbound.net